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COVID-19 Return to Hockey

MN Hockey& District 3 Return to Play UPDATED: December 28th, 2020

MN Hockey Phase 4 “Guidelines” was updated on December 28th, 2020  and are rules for all D3 Associations and throughout the state of MN.  The items contained have been adopted in conjunction with the State of MN to minimize exposure of COVID-19 at youth hockey.  The primary objective is the health and safety of District 3/MN Hockey players and members.  Strict adherence to these rules by everyone is our best chance to keep the kids safe AND on the ice!

SLPHA COVID Committee Members and Contact Information

SLPHA has formed this committee to assist in the ongoing policies and procedures around the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please email any of the committee members at:

SLPHA COVID Members are: Catie Boyum, Michelle Jirik, Tom Snook, Angie Eoff and Susanne Otos BSN, RN, PHN

SLPHA's first priority is our members safety.   In compliance with government regulations and by following the guidelines set forth by USA and Minnesota Hockey, SLPHA will assist our rink partners in complying with any requirements placed upon them.  To read more about USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey guidance, please visit the below links.  Also below, please find links to the current Return to Play / Preparedness Plans. As these plans are updated, we will post the amendments and will be prepared to assist with compliance.  

In consultation with MDH (Minnesota Department of Health), CDC (Center for Disease Control) and MNH (Minnesota Hockey), SLPHA COVID committee will be working our members (players, coaches, parents, spectators, volunteers, board members) to medigate the spread of the virus. 

SLP Hockey Association Refund Policy during COVID

COVID-19 Excecption to Refund Policy

In the event that the remainder of the season is cancelled by MN Hockey or the MN Dept. of Health due to a COVID-19 situation; it is our intent to issue a prorated refund minus administrative and operational expenses that have been incurred and are non-refundable. Examples inlcude but are not limited to: Tournament registrations, coaches and clinic pay, jerseys/equipment, ice and city fees, district fees, and referee fees. 

USA Hockey Resources Link