You will be given 3 payment options when you register.

  1.  Pay online in full.  Your credit card charge or bank withdrawal (ACH) will occur immediately.
  2.  Pay online using deferred payment options.  Your credit card or bank account will be assessed with the first payment immediately, then following payments will occur on subsequent dates.  Please refer to the FEES chart.
  3.  Other.  If you cannot pay online due to scholarships, or you're paying in cash or you need of a different payment schedule please contact Christian Berry, 612-267-4662.

Please reference SLPHA's refund and Goalie policies below.

Goalie Discount

Travel level goalie families (Squirts/Peewees/Bantams/10U/12U/15U) will need to contact Christian Berry (612-267-4662) to receive their goalie discount code prior to completing registration